Cobra 19ultraiii Illuminated Canadian Compliant

The 19 DX IV offers full 4-watts of power and convenience features such as RF Gain, Instant Channel 9 and 19 in a compact design. Also, a have-duty microphone for loud and clear communication, an illuminated full-function LCD display, PA system and rugged construction. Cobra 19ULTRAIII Manual. Our Thanks, The CB Story, and Customer Assistance Introduction Thank you for purchasing the Cobra 19 ULTRA III CB Radio Transceiver.

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Cobra 19ultraiii 40 Channel Compact Cb Radio With Illuminated Display Canadian Compliant Automotive

The Cobra 19 ULTRA III transceiver represents one of the most advanced AM two-way radios for use as a Class D station in the Citizens Radio Service. This unit features advanced Phase Lock Loop (PLL) circuitry providing complete coverage of all 40 CB channels. $80 Cobra 19ULTRAIII 40 Channel Compact CB Radio with Illuminated Display Canadian Compliant.