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Pros. Fast, quality large-format document scanning. Automatic curve distortion flattening for bound books. Includes accessories to make Czur Scanner for Mac does offer a few clever enhancements, such as automatically cropping page edges and flattening curve distortion from bound documents. Patented Flattening Curved Book Page Technology: ET18 Pro applies CZUR's latest technology to flatten the 3D curved surface after pixel transformation to complete flattening of Thanks to the Auto-Scan Tech, it is even easier to scan documents and books. All you need to do is just flipping pages.

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Czur Shine Ultra a Powerful Portable book and Office Document scanner that covers all your scanning needs.Czur Shine Ultra Complete Review. Digital format is still a problem for many readers. There's no proper service or product that provides exact readers translation of a document. Software features. Flattening Curve. The CZUR device allows you to instantly convert rare family picture and documents into files that can be shared, uploaded, or saved for redundancy. With a CZUR scanner, you can covert hard cultural heritage records into digital documents in a snap.